Taking Your Brand Online

At Disside, everything we do including Social media marketing, has our distinct brand of creativity and quirkiness. The social media marketing packages that we devise and deploy for our clients are focused on taking not just the fan page online but on taking the entire experience of the brand online with all its elements, philosophies and designs. This allows our clients to fully exploit the power of social media marketing as they can fully illuminate all the values of their brand. Such an integrated approach therefore requires that the social media campaign be designed from scratch and be unique to the brand.

Building Likes with People, Not People with Likes

Our SMM campaign philosophy requires that people and consumers become an integral part of the entire brand. Their opinions, ideas and their perceptions about the brand guide us in developing and constantly managing our client’s media campaigns.

Brand Centric Moniitoring and Management

All of our marketing designs are focused on accentuating our client’s brand. The way we do this is by ensuring that key features of the brand are emphasized on a regular and consistent basis at all times. This involves lots of creativity and some thinking about the inside of the box, from the outside.